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How to Find Low-Fodmap Recipes “The following resources offer a wide variety of recipes safe for people who are following a low-FODMAP diet.”

Recent Medical Research Could Roil the Digestion Market “The answer may be that gluten is not the sole source of digestion problems; short-chain carbohydrates collectively called FODMAPs may be a contributing factor.”

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Low-FODMAP Diet “You may have heard about a newcomer to the diet scene—and we’re not talking about one that helps you lose weight. The low-FODMAP diet is an up-and-coming approach to treating digestive issues, and could be a good option for you…”

Local author writes book on low-FODMAP diet “Bradley, a married mother of two sons, found solace in the FODMAP diet, an elimination diet that tries to restore health to the digestive tract by keeping track of what you eat for several weeks, in an effort to identify troubling foods.”

Natural sugars: a new culprit in IBS “Knowing which foods to eat, and which ones to avoid, is powerful information when it comes to spelling relief from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). While foods don’t cause IBS, many ingredients can trigger or worsen symptoms.”

6 Things You Should Know About the Low-FODMAP Diet (And Why You Should Care) “FODMAPs may sound like a new medical device or GPS system, but they’re actually one of the hottest topics in digestive health and wellness. You’re likely to hear a lot more about them in the coming years, so let’s set the record straight with six key things you should know.”

One Good Reason To Stop Mocking Gluten-Free Diets “But emerging research shows that at least some of the millions of people who are keeping the $10 billion-dollar gluten-free industry afloat may actually have a serious medical condition known as an intolerance to Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols (FODMAP, for short) — specific types of carbohydrates found in all different kinds of foods, including certain fruits and vegetables.”


One thought on “Health News”

  1. Colleen
    I recently spoke to several folks who claim that having “bone broth” daily is extremely helpful for IBS symptoms. I do not see that anywhere on your blog. Can you please comment?

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