Low-FODMAP Brands

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*These products appear to be low in FODMAPs based on the ingredients. They have not been laboratory tested and analyzed for FODMAPs, however, no HIGH-FODMAP ingredients seem to be present.  Please also remember that if you find a product with several ingredients listed and the last 2-3 ingredients are high-FODMAP, the product may be suitable to consume as it means those last ingredients are present in much smaller amounts.  “…ingredients are listed with the most predominant ingredient first. So if honey is the last ingredient in the list (an indication it’s not used to sweeten the product), it’s likely a low-FODMAP food. Suggest clients avoid products in which FODMAPs are more abundant or if multiple FODMAPs are present. Furthermore, clients should take note of added fiber ingredients such as inulin, often labeled as chicory root extract and fructo-oligosaccharides. Both are sources of fructans and can trigger symptoms.” Source: Successful Low-FODMAP Living — Experts Discuss Meal-Planning Strategies to Help IBS Clients Better Control GI Distress by Kate Scarlata, RD, LDN, Today’s Dietitian, Vol. 14 No. 3 P. 36

Last update to the list below:  May 31, 2016.








*Carrageenan and different types of gums (such as xanthan) have not been tested and analyzed for FODMAPs as of yet, but they may cause gastrointestinal distress for some.





Disclosure – All of the products above are products I have personally used and also enjoy.  Some include links back to Amazon.com and in full disclosure, I can make a commission if a user clicks on the link and then makes a purchase with Amazon.com.  The commission is very small, however, it does go towards the expenses I have to maintain this blog and marketing for FODMAPLife.com.  I appreciate your support of my blog, thank you.  Colleen Francioli


30 thoughts on “Low-FODMAP Brands”

  1. hi, i am looking for a fodmap friendly mayonnaise , ketchup and bbq sauce i can buy in the uk that doesnt cost a fortune……. can anyone help?

    many thanks

    1. Hi Davina, Mayo is not high FODMAP – no lactose or dairy as it’s made with eggs, oil and vinegar. Read my GROCERY LIST for tips about ketchup and BBQ sauce. Good luck!

      1. I started with IBS when my son was diagnosed with cancer.
        My question is can we eat horseradish ? And I wasn’t sure about shrimp .
        I made some and ate it and now my stomach is a mess. I took peptobismal and and gas mess and it has settled down slightly.

      2. Hi Ava, I am so sorry about your son. The stress might’ve triggered your IBS symptoms. Horseradish is from the cabbage family so it could potentially trigger symptoms. However if it’s fermented, it might be good for the gut as long as no other FODMAPs were added. Shrimp is low in FODMAPs. How many shrimp did you have?

      3. I use a brand called Just Mayo and it has less ingredients in it than other brands like Hellmans. You can find it at most local grocery stores. I like it and have never had issues from it.

      4. Thank you for the suggestion! I believe that’s Hampton Creek? The only thing is their Original Just Mayo has pea protein and that *might* be OK if it is pea protein isolate.

  2. hiya, i only eat lighter than light mayo , i got told that it contains milk powder 😦
    today i tried Hellmann’s Fat Free Vinaigrette , i hope its low fodmap atleast i thought it was , here is the ingredients :
    Water, spirit vinegar, herb extract, sugar, salt, red bell pepper (0.4%), thickeners (carrageenan, xanthan gum), thyme, parsley.

    many thanks

    1. Hi Davina, So many products that says “light” or “fat free or “sugar free” tend to have added processed ingredients in them so I usually stick to the original, real deal 🙂 Of those ingredients, carrageenan might cause you some issues. Sometimes people say the say for xanthan gum but I personally have not had an issue. 🙂

  3. Hi, How about tooth paste? I can’t find any that does not contain Xylitol, Sorbitol or some other artificial sweetener. Thanks for any help you can offer. Deb

      1. Hi – do you know of a brand that doesn’t have sugar? Due to other health issues I’m not allowed to have sugar. Thanks!

  4. I had a lot of shrimp. Then very bad stomach pain gas bloating. I made hot sauce with horseradish from jar and organic ketchup.
    Maybe 20 good size shrimp.
    So your response leads me to ask is Kombucha ok for us IBS people? I started making it myself with a SCOBY and the recipe when this really got bad because our son was at end of life. I was and still feel enormous stress and grief.

    1. Hi Joyce! When I have a few more to add I will update the list, thanks for checking in! Was there a particular kind of product that you were curious about?

  5. I’d really like to know about horse radish allowed or not..I have the FODMAP app but frankly I don’t love it. The search is horrible and a ton of foods aren’t even on it. I paid I think $7.99 for it.

    1. Hi Karen, I do not think radishes are troublesome. For one thing, they are not high in sugar, carbs or fiber. Also the reason why you’re not seeing many foods on the app is because the Monash researchers still need funding to test and analyze more foods. When people purchase their app, those purchases help them to test and analyze more foods. So your $7.99 was put to good use! If it makes you feel better, I paid $10.99 when the app first came out 🙂

  6. Hi Colleen, I just started the FODMAP diet this week and I am looking for a substitute for sugar free gum. All sugar free gum or candy seems to have polyols while the all the full sugar candy seems to have corn syrup. Any suggestions?

  7. This is a great resource. Both King Arthur and Betty Crocker make good, widely available all purpose floor. Even though I love products from Bob’s Red Mill line when I checked the label of the all purpose gluten free flour, I was surprised to find two types of beans listed, one as the first ingredient and one as the last. Thanks for good work!

  8. I was doing so well today then ate the smallest bag of chips 11g and had to run for my peptobismal, anti gas, anti diarrhea OTC meds. Stomach still gurgling . I took a photo of the ingredients for help to pin point where my problem might lie but I can’t seem to copy and paste using my iPad.
    How bad is maltodextrin ?

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