Healthy Colon, Happy Life? Squatty Potty Review

Recently as I was celebrating my birthday on a culinary/bar crawl trip to Mexico with my friends, the low-FODMAP diet came up in conversation, and it went something like this: “Hey Colleen, is this FOOD-MAP or FODMAP?  Can I eat this?  Can I drink this beer or it FODMAPped?”  And as I was discussing different low and high-FODMAP options on our summery-hot day in Tijuana, another friend started talking about unicorn poop.  Yes, unicorn poop – brightly colored, swirly, rainbow poop.  They then began to share this video with me and it changed my pooping experience forever:

If you are not laughing after this video, well, I guess we don’t share the same sense of humor.  This video is hysterical, and the close-up of him licking the unicorn poop off his lips is just…oh it makes me very uncomfortable.  You might’ve thought at first that this was just some joke, but Squatty Potty really nailed this – it’s one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen.

It’s the Squatty Potty end of the summer blowout! (Yes pun intended). Now you can get a FREE Porta-Squatty ($20 value) with minimum purchase of $39.00. Click here to get squatting!

Proof is in the Poop

I bet you might be saying: “So what gives with Squatty Potty, does it work?”

After my trip to Mexico and having re-played their video a few times, I called them up and said I had to try one out.  I am big on reviews and they were really good (read some here and here with 4.5 stars and 4,438 customer reviews).  Unicorn poop aside, this company is legit and run by the lovely Edwards family in Utah.  If you like Shark Tank as much as I do, you can check out how they faired with the sharks here.

The Edwards family has a few medical case studies for your reading pleasure.  Like this study in particularInfluence of Body Position on Defecation in Humans, concludes that the greater the hip flexion achieved by squatting, the straighter the rectoanal canal will be, and accordingly, less strain will be required for defecation.

TheScienceIsSimplePooping Personal

I was sent the ECCO model.  Did it work for me?  I’ll get very personal and say absolutely.  I am more constipation prone (IBS-C) and still have episodes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but since I found the low-FODMAP diet, bouts of IBS are very rare these days.  When IBS does hit, it’s more around the time of menstruation and women with IBS may have more symptoms during their menstrual periods (it’s no secret why more ladies then men get IBS).  Also, after having a baby in 2015, some things have not been the same (hola to all the mommas –  you get it).  So a couple weeks ago when constipation was incessant around that lovely “time of the month,” I gave my Squatty Potty a try and experienced a gentler rendezvous on the throne.  It’s changed the way I poop and the way I feel.  How’s THAT for a testimonial?  Hey it’s not easy sharing such personal stuff, but I am happier now and maybe just maybe, you will be too if you give the Squatty Potty a try.

ecco squatty potty
The Squatty Potty, ECCO model

The Squatty Potty ECCO – more info:

The Ecco toilet stool works perfectly for families of any size and is incredibly durable and easy to clean. If you appreciate the simple things in life, then this is your toilet stool. Transform your toilet into an elimination station.

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Be good to yourself and your gut!BEC_6825

Colleen Francioli

Certified Nutritionist Consultant
Founder FODMAP Life & BonCalme


Full disclosure – I reached out to Squatty Potty and they sent me product for free.  If you click on a link like this or others in this post that lead you to their site and you make a purchase, I will get a commission.  Those commissions are great as they help pay for my blogging expenses and allow me to keep working feverishly to bring you great content about the low-FODMAP diet, IBS and…pooping.  Happy pooping!